Uptown Upland Show; Upland Pizza Company

Julian Cesar
Published on March 20, 2020

Uptown Upland Show; Upland Pizza Company

Upland Pizza Company Interview

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Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Uptown Upland show. The show is all about featuring and getting to know local businesses here in Upland, California. So if you live in Upland or the surrounding areas and would like to get notified of new shows, make sure you like and subscribe and follow @uptownuplandshow so that you can get those notifications. Today we’re in front of Upland Pizza Company. We’re going to head inside and learn a little bit more about them. And we’re going to start right now.

Welcome back everybody to the uptown Upland show today. We are with Upland pizza company here in Upland, California, right off of Foothill in Euclid. And today I’m sitting with the owner and operator of Upland pizza company, David Bailey. Awesome. Thank you, Julian. Thank you for having me. So we’re going to learn a little bit more about his facility and what they offer and what makes them so fantastic because I’ve heard a lot about their pizza and what they’ve been doing in our community. So we’ll just start with how long have you been in this facility? You know, we get get asked that a lot cause I tell you, a lot of customers come in and you know, we’re definitely in the growing stage so we’re getting a lot of people that are finding us and they’re always like, Oh my gosh, how did I know you were here. And so we’re just finishing our sixth month really is where we’re at heading to month seven. And you know, we’re just really experienced in the process as I call it, you know, the growth stage and you know, meeting new customers, seeing the repeat customers come back and just kind of watching the business grow and tinker with things as we go. And feedback from the community kind of helped shape some of the stuff on our menu as well. Yeah.

Nice. And so I know from our previous conversations, you are an entrepreneur type person, but you’ve always wanted a sandwich shop, Right? So what made you end up here starting this business? You know, I get asked that often. And the simple answer is, you know, when you, when you pray on something and you are working towards a goal, you, you really have, you don’t argue when you get there. And you know, God brought me here. People have asked why the city of Upland, the city of Upland and Claremont has always been some of my favorite areas in the inland empire. This is a great location. You know, being able to open a sandwich shop and put my passion that I have for sandwich here. It’s been phenomenal. As I mentioned, you know, we definitely sell more pizza. You know, it doesn’t break my heart by any means, but it’s definitely a great combination. You know, it’s, it’s a, you throw in cold beer on top of that. Life’s pretty good. Absolutely.

So as far as what you really take some care into the menu that you guys have here, it’s not just your average sandwich place or pizza place. You guys really did some research and put together a special menu. So tell me a little bit about what you have on the menu, what your specialties are and what makes them so great.

You know, our menu is really comprised with us not being a franchise and not having this book of recipes. We work with some chefs and our lead chef and really, really put together the flavors and when you are able to kind of put these different flavors in and you know, some are really based on things that I’ve been eating sandwich for 20 years. And so this is the way I’ve course I call myself a sandwich kind of. And I really had that passion for these recipes and I’ve been developing the sandwich recipes for, for decades. And if you look at most of the names of the sandwiches, you know, and if you appreciate the history of the sandwich, every one of my names is really a reference to history of what they call the sandwich. Okay. Whether it’s the hero, the hoagie, the grinder, it is all part of the sandwich lore, if you will. And so, you know, when you go through some of our best selling pizzas for instance the little Italy, it’s got great combination of some meats, traditional needs, your Italian sausage or pepperoni. And along with the vegetables there are bell peppers and black olives. And you know, one of the things that really separates what we do as opposed to other people is we are able to take our fresh produce, season it roasted a bit and now we’re, it already has flavor. So now we’re adding more flavor to the pies and the combination of everything really, really tastes great in my opinion.

That sounds phenomenal. And we’re going to get ready to taste some stuff here in a little bit. And David, I really appreciate you having us here. Absolutely. And if you guys have would like to contact them, how can they a hold of you? Absolutely you can. Our menu is most up to date and you can always order online uplandpizzacompany.com. And of course the phone number is (909) 949-8721. Perfect. And we open 11 o’clock daily. Nice, and we’ll put that in the description and give them a call and get your fresh pizza sandwich salads today.

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