Uptown Upland Show: Upland Jewelry Mart

Julian Cesar
Published on February 20, 2020

Uptown Upland Show: Upland Jewelry Mart

Today we sit down with the master jeweler himself Danny and his amazing wife Abby! They are the owner operators of Upland Jewelry Mart! Through this interview and my interactions with them I can say I am truly impressed by their work ethic, commitment to their customers satisfaction and their quest to have the best product possible.

After seeing their operation I learned they have a very wide selection but more importantly they can make just about any custom jewelry you can dream of. Enjoy the show so you can learn the same thing!

You can them online or on social media here;

Web: https://www.uplandjewelrymart.com/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/UplandJewelryMart/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uplandjewelrymart/

See unedited transcript below:

Well, I’m going back to the
uptown Upland show guys. I’m your host Julian. And in this show, our mission is
to get to know Upland and what better way to do that than to get to know the
business owners and the people behind the city of which make it such a great
place to live. So this is episode number three. We’re in front of Upland
jewelry, Martin, and we’re going to head inside throwing a little bit more
about what makes them so great.




back guys. This is episode
number three of the uptown uplands show. And today we’re sitting here with the
owners and operators of Upland jewelry Mart, Danny and Abby Chakbazof was off.
Um, so they’re a jewelry store up here in Upland. So we’re going to learn a
little bit more about their business. But more importantly, like I always like
to do is learn a little bit more about you guys yourselves and what Y everybody
that I’ve seen or talked to has complimented them. So, um, richly. So, um,
Danny, I mean, you’ve been a jeweler for how long? Um, 1985 is 19. So you’re
new obviously. Um, so how did you end up starting, cause I think you were, you
were pretty young when that right.


I started when I was 16 years
old. Uh, our neighbor uses, he used to be in a jewelry business and then he
took me and put me under a guy who was an artist. Uh, he was 70 years old. He
taught me the business in five years time, which is the wrong way, which is the
right way. And then here we go and we start.


Yeah. So you know, through
that, I think you, you worked for them for awhile and then you and your,


me and my brother, we decided
to open up our own store. My dad gave us a little bit of money and then we
started and here we go. And the first, the first store was where there still
was in downtown LA. We were in the jewelry district for almost 15 years. And
then we live in Glendora. So we moved the factory to Glendora cause we were so
tired driving downtown. Yeah. And then once our customer find out that we have
the factories and penis, nobody wants to go downtown. So we open up the jewelry
store in the front, the factory in the back and that’s how we started.


Yeah. And you guys, then you
moved to Upland?


I moved to Upland and my
brother’s still in San Demas and the factories over there. We do everything
ourselves. We do a lot of handmade designed, custom made work, jewelry,
AirWatch repair, everything we do, we do in house. 95% of the stuff we do in


Yeah. And you do most of that
repairs right here in the story. You have a little Workspot and kind of custom
design everything. You’re the artist. I know Abby told me that you’re the
artists for sure. Um, and you kind of make everything run, but um, you know,
you guys are husband and wife and you guys do this business together. Abby,
when did you start working with him in the business? As far as, I know you
mentioned part time and [inaudible].


Yeah, right? Yeah. Before in
San Dimas it was like part time. Then when we moved to Upland, I started with
him every day. Yeah. It’s been about five years every day.


So you guys have been an
uplift for about five years almost. Right. And um, and what is your role here
in the store and like how do you help?


I do sales paperwork. I take
care of all the paperwork in store sales


advertisements. Yeah. Yeah.
Now I know that you had mentioned that, um, you know, okay, so he’s very big on
customer service and would tell me a little bit more about your customer
service and what you believe.


Most of the stuff we do, if
I’m not happy with the piece, I will not give it to the customer. I have to be
100% happy in order for the customer to be happy. I just don’t make him out of
stuff and just hand them to people. I hate stuff like this. Yes. And that makes
me look bad and I don’t like to back if you have any questions. Sometimes we
make the piece two, three times for the customer, just for her to be happy. And
we make sure that you do, sometimes we lose money, but we’ll make sure that the
customer’s happy.


Yeah. And I think that goes a
long way, um, in saying who you guys are as people and business owners that you
stand behind your product. So, um, and your name. So I think that’s really
good. I think that’s probably why you’ve been so successful and in business for
so long. Um, and Abby, I mean, you mentioned something to me about, you know,
you know, I think small business in, in our world today is sometimes
overlooked, but the, what you guys offer as far as customers go, um, and how
you guys handle your customers on the sales side. I mean, tell me a little bit
more about how you guys differentiate yourself from maybe some of the bigger


We explain to customers
everything about diamonds and gold from scratch. And we explain everything 100%
till they’re, you know, they know exactly what they’re getting into and we get
them all the options. We work with them around their budget and they’re free to
go check all the stores and all the customers comes back to us. Always. We
explain to the customer from beginning to end how the process of going, yeah,
we made the piece in the computer. We used to do it by hand long time ago. Now we
do it by computer, we send it to the customers. If she wants to sign on the
computer, we send it to the customer. If they like it, we go ahead and do the
piece or they want something to be changed, we’ll change and we’ll do that.


Yeah. So you were telling me
and showing me a little bit, so you guys designed, because in the old days they
used to design all of the jewelry from scratch, from scratch. From wax. Right.
And they would carve it and make it into what the jewelry is supposed to look
like. But now you guys do everything via that. There’s a CAD design right on
the computer and so you can custom make it exactly how they want it prior to
even getting it started. Right? Yeah. It’s pretty much you about the piece.
Yeah. You know, all sides. Yeah. If you could see it and we can do it again.


She was just before even
print out.


Yeah. Yeah. That’s so neat.
And I think that’s, um, something that kind of stands stands above what
everybody else or a lot of people can do as far as the tool we go. So that’s
the sense, you know, customer scratch thoughts, that’s function is number one
for us. Yeah. Keep on has to be satisfied


and we want people to come
for us


come one time, then he’d
never show up again. Yeah. We like people to trust us. Yeah. So you guys, um,
kind of the way I do my business, but it’s, it’s about the customer and
building that relationship longterm. Not just a one time sale, but you want to
have a family and have customers for life. Right? Right. All, yeah. Yeah. Perfect.
Perfect. So how can they reach you guys at work and they find you online if
they have any questions that they want to reach out to you in any way? Our
customers even have our cell phones. Okay.


Question, are they sending
pictures, what they might, but they can call us, direct it, different new
customers. They can kill us at your store at nine or nine and they can reach us
also online and to yell, you know, most questions from them. Yeah. Sweet shot
for an hour. Yeah, definitely. Sounds like you guys put a lot of time and
thought into your customers. You also are on Facebook and Instagram too, right?
What do you guys call it on there? Is it just uptown and Julie Martin Upland.
Sorry. Up with Julie. Mark. Um, okay, great. So I really appreciate you guys
having me here today. Um, I love learning about you guys. Um, you guys do an
amazing job and like I said before, everybody I’ve ever talked to about them,
um, just raves about their, their service. And so if you guys would like any
jewelry, um, in the inland empire business, the place to be, um, if you have
any questions, comments, just leave them below. Make sure to subscribe like
this video and we’ll see you next time.


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