Uptown Upland Show: Synergy Medical Aesthetics

Julian Cesar
Published on February 20, 2020

Uptown Upland Show: Synergy Medical Aesthetics

Today’s show we sit down with Amber Peralta. She is one of the Founders of Synergy Medical Aesthetics here in Upland Ca. Amber’s passion shines through in this interview about all the amazing things they can help people with at their facility. It is so incredible to have such a facility right in Upland Ca. Enjoy the show and book your Appointment today!

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See unedited transcript below;


Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome
back to the uptown Upland show. I’m your host Julian V. and our mission in this
show is to get to know Upland. What better way to do that than to get to know
the business and the operators who help make Upland such a wonderful place to
live. And today we’re in front of synergy and I’m super excited about
interviewing them because they do a lot of plastic surgery, cosmetic kind of
procedures, and it’s really great to have them here in Upland. So let’s go
inside and learn a little bit more about what makes them such a great place.




what’s up guys? Welcome back
to the uptown upload show. Again, we are here with synergy medical aesthetics,
uh, Amber and Jennifer. Um, and today we’re going to learn a little bit more
about their business and actually what brought them to kind of doing what they
do. I think. Um, Amber, you’re a registered nurse and Jennifer, you are an
aesthetician. Um, tell me a little bit more about your background as far as
your nursing background and then what brought you into this part of the medical


Um, I originally was the ICU
trauma nurse at Loma Linda for 10 years, go 4,700, probably crazy, awesome,
awesome experience. But at some point I had to pass the torch to the younger
nurses. I’m still friends with the girls to this day. And it was a great period
of my life when I had my two youngest children. Um, I went through a divorce
and I needed to be a little bit closer to home. And so I had gone into this
great spa one day to learn why I had this Brown spot on my face and ended up
sitting with the ladies for four hours and left with a job. Wow. That’s when I
realized way back then, the nurses were able to do all of these skin care
things and lasers and everything to make us look more youthful. So I was like,
heck yeah, this was great because as a new mom, um, you know, I needed a little
pick me up, but I love, I have a passion for learning too.


So it brought this whole
other world to me. And then at the time I was transitioning from Loma Linda to
Upland. That’s where I’ve lived forever. And yes, love I Upland Islanders. And
then I started working outpatient surgery. So outpatient surgery, I was
actually working with a couple of different plastic surgeons and um, we did
lots of different things, but then, you know, the beauty world just kept around
me and I’m getting a little older. I started to back then and that’s when I
fell in love with a statics. I have my firstborn is, uh, has autism. And so I
took that year off and, um, just got intense therapies and I did a lot of
research of all kinds of things from health and wellness to even how
regenerative medicine where you can use that health and wellness and then cause
the skin to actually regenerate itself and you know, um, intrinsically with
the, putting yourself in the right position and with different vitamins and
supplements and all of these things and exercise, nutrition and all that.


And I know we’ve been friends
for a long time and we both love that. So, um, and that’s actually where the
name synergy came from. It’s when you’re combining two different things that
stand alone work well, but together they’re better than they can ever function
independently. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly. Right. Um, so that’s what
we do. We combine a lot of regenerative medicine. So example of that would be
PRP therapy. It’s the acronym for platelet rich plasma. So we’re able to draw
your blood and we take it and we spin it in a particular centrifuge. It
distributes by weight. So we pull out the platelet rich plasma and then we can
re-inject it anywhere we want it to regrow that tissue. So if we have thinning
hair, we can inject it into the scalp, we can then inject it into the face
under eyes.


Um, chest dequity yeah, I
just learned that word earlier by the likely day. How do you spell it? I don’t
know, but it’s, um, so you guys are been, so you’re the one of the owners of
yes. And you guys have been in this facility for a year, year and a half. And
your partner is Rami for Corey? For Corey and he’s a doctor. And how did that
relationship form and how did you guys decide to basically start your own
company? And also why did you choose up from the long question? Okay, that’s
okay. We met, gosh years ago and we’ve kind of thrown the idea around whenever
we would get together cause that’s inevitable. You eventually talk medicine and
uh, we have so many of the same, um, friends, patient clients, all of that. And
he truly, I mean, honestly, I’m so blessed to have him as a partner. I
literally hand picked him because he’s just not only a fantastic person.


Um, his family’s amazing and
he’s a great doctor. I mean, anybody who knows doctor for Corey knows that you
have to wait, but he is worth the wait because he’s so very thorough and he’s
an amazing guy. And so, um, so we have kind of joined forces officially, you
know, a year and a half, actually a little more than a year, a half ago. It
took a while to build out here. Right. Um, and I honestly, I just, I prayed for
the right place in the right time. And, um, me driving to Staters and, um, to
get groceries one day I saw this, this had, um, a vacant site and I was like,
dang. Dang. And did you hear the music? Oh, I did. Yeah. And walking, I love
this center. I mean I’ve shopped here forever, but when you come here, it feels
like home. Everybody was so inviting and they were so exciting and like we all
take care of each other and watch out for each other’s businesses. It’s home.
Yeah. I think that’s, um, indicative of upper limb itself.


It’s very community based and
um, kind of small town foolish. And I think that’s kind of part of what makes
it such a wonderful place. But, um, what makes synergy different than some of
the other similar, um, places that people can go? The medical spots. Yeah.


Um, so there is, there’s a
difference between a day spa and a medical spa being that we’re licensed
professionals here and medical providers. That’s what sets you apart from a day
spa. So we do that a little bit of education. Um, so you get a little bit more
corrective, um, concentration of skincare lines and then we’re able to do
injections and those lasers, you can’t do that at the day spots. Yeah. My
estheticians are, um, like a little bit step up. Uh, meaning that they have
extra medical training and they’re able to not only have the skillset, but now
we’re able to oversee them in, they can Institute these high grade prescription
items into skincare. So more correction and generally you need that as you get
just a little bit older. But, um, for the younger kids with acne, so many kids
suffer from acne and the emotional trauma of it.


And so we’re able to really,
um, care for our patients. We can, we treat them, we treat, ended up treating
the whole family, his kids, you know, we teach them about skin health. It’s not
just about putting a bunch of Botox and filler in somebody’s face. I mean, you
get to know them, you get to know their family. Um, we do actually pain
management here too. Not like the official term of pain management, but, um,
there are so many inflammatory responses, which again goes to the health and
wellness side. So we’re treating a lot of the inflammatory responses in our
bodies and pain here as well.


Yeah, I, I think, um, you
know, I think it’s really good cause we don’t have somebody or many places in
the area but in the little alone Upland that have offer all of the things that
you guys do here. And you know, I noticed when I came and saw you when I first
met you, you know, the way that the patients felt when they came in, it was
like family. Um, everybody’s on a, you know, super comfortable basis when they
come here. So a lot of repeat business, which means you guys obviously take
care of them. And I know Jennifer, you guys have been friends for a long time
and um, you guys recently kinda brought each other together again and you’re,
so tell me a little bit more about you as far as your journey here because you
kind of touched on the teenagers and acne and going through those things. And
how helping people really makes you feel good inside and that you love seeing
their reactions. Right. And so how are you able to help people with their skin
and things like that?


Basically I think educating
them more than anything and then getting them on the right skincare and um,
just again, getting your professional treatments is really what’s going to help
to maintain and control that. And being that I’m someone that suffered from,
um, you know, skin breaking out and things like that, I became even more
passionate because I know how, you know, it makes you feel, it’s not only
improving like the outer, you know, correcting the acne, but it’s, it’s making
them feel good on the inside as well. Yeah,


absolutely. So I was looking
at your website and you guys do a lot of different things. Um, what are some of
the most common things that I think people will come for and maybe have the
biggest results or, you know, what’s the most common?


I think my, uh, my specialty
really is probably more anything with the needle, you know, the injectables,
the sculpting of the face. That was a, that was a painful look. Right. Um, uh,
you know, taking care of a muscle contraction that’s gonna create the creases
in the face. You know, I mean, first I always start off with education. You
know, I’m not a salesperson. That’s not my personality, but I’m an educator,
you know, from, I learned that in nursing school and you just teach and then
you give people the information that they need to make a good decision. Yeah.
And you don’t pressure them. I like people to take their time. I want them to
feel confident when they make a decision that we’ve educated them thoroughly,
you know, not just for legalities, but further for their own truth and
understanding. Um, and then I, you know, I, I’m gradual, we do, um, kind of
specialize in it natural look, just to refresh.


Look. Cause I think we gear a
little bit more towards professionals and you know, that like we were talking
today that, you know, you don’t have to be slutty to be sexy. Right. So, I
mean, but we do, I mean, we mentor these younger girls when they come in here
and they want that particular lik, yeah, you know, like, okay, let’s, let’s,
let’s really dig in a little bit and let’s really talk about what’s going on
here. So we do become like a therapist. So from this younger generation up to,
I think my oldest patient is 91 years old.


Nice. Wow, that’s impressive.
And you guys do, um, I was looking at the website, so what I could pick up on
you guys obviously, or not obviously, but you do spray tans. Um, you do, um,
um, like testosterone, like that kind of hormone stuff, right?


Yeah. And that’s the doctor
for query tends to mostly take over those patients because they have to have
labs that are drawn, right. You don’t just randomly put these things into
people and you need to do a full assessment.


Yeah. It requires lab work
and, yeah. And the doctors. What are some of the other things that maybe people
might not think you do, but you guys definitely offer here?


A lot of, um, a lot of skin
resurfacing is, um, are things that are more popular, um, you know, helping to
help with core size, fine lines, wrinkles, everything. Just to kind of give
yourself that refreshing glow. Um, is there the big one? Yeah, that’s our,
that’s our newest big thing. Sorry doctor for Corey, he performs that. Um, he
is the physician. I’m a circulating O R nurse also. So I do assist him most of
the time and it’s a lot of fun. So Vaser is true liposuction, we can only do
small here. We are limited. Um,


but what you mentioned you do
it right here, so that’s kinda neat. Yeah.


For one, we actually convert
that into a sterile owner suite and we’ve been fully trained and certified in
Vaser so we’re able to do small areas. So that is definitely something that
sets us apart from the other medical spas. There’s fantastic plastic surgeons
out there, but they’re going to treat you from head to toe and do things in
between there. Right. You know, that we’re, we can’t do here, but for people
who, um, you know, take care of themselves or you just have a little deposit
somewhere that you just, no matter what they’re so stubborn and you can’t get
rid of. Yeah, it’s easy to do. You’re not under general sedation. It’s just a
little bit of, um, you know, uh, a little bit of a cocktail that we give and
you’re actually pretty awake during the whole procedure and communicating. So
when you don’t have that general anesthesia, your recovery is so much faster.
And so, you know, a small little area here or the back. I got one right here.
Can you, I will give you a good discount.


Thank you. Um, okay, well
that’s fabulous. What’s, um, what are some ways that, where do people find you


of, you can find us on social
media, Instagram, Facebook, synergy, medical aesthetics, inc. um, our website.
Um, online. Okay. Um, most people come from word of mouth.


Yeah, I know you were
mentioning that, and I’ve seen your market, like I’ve seen you guys online, but
then I was referred to you, word of mouth, you know, as far as somebody that
definitely should be featured because of their amazing work that you guys do.
So, um, I wanna thank you guys for having me here. Um, I’ve loved learning more
about what you guys do, so I appreciate it and thank you so much for watching and
we will see you on the next one. Thank you so much.




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