Uptown Upland Show: Euclid Chiropractic Interview

Julian Cesar
Published on April 3, 2020

Uptown Upland Show: Euclid Chiropractic Interview

Euclid Chiropractic

Un-edited transcript from interview below:

Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome back to another episode of Uptown Upland show. I’m your host Julian with Mainstreet Realtors. And in this show we’re all about getting to know Upland and what better way than to focus on the small business owners here in Upland. And today we’re in front of you could chiropractic and we’re going to head inside in the winter a little bit more about them. And we’re going to start right now.

Hey, welcome back guys. So I’m here with Tony Ratkovic here at Euclid Chiropractic and we’re going to learn a little bit more about his business. We want to know what makes this one of the best places to go get your chiropractic needs met here in Upland. So let’s start by learning a little bit more about him himself, how long he’s been here at this particular facility, maybe his, you know, his story that brought him here. I’ve been here for about seven 17 years or so. Came here as a partner with Dr. Weaver. It’s been a contract office since 1980. What we do in our practice is really the family practice. We’ve seen generations of families who’ve been practice for almost 50 years now, but a lot of it is what we do in our practice is very systematic. Very do you want to call it thorough?

We don’t come here and have
you lie down, get adjusted and get the heck outta here. What we do is take
direction to do the examination X analysis. By the time you leave the office,
your first visit, you understand where your problem’s coming from. Yeah. And I
know for you, like from what I’ve seen, because he’s very big on social media
guy, so I know that you’re really focused on lifestyle. Like you know, what,
what is it that’s causing you to be in these pains and how can we help you in
that aspect of your overall health, right? Yes. Talk to me a little bit about
that is that is we want to make sure you have, if we can help you, if you want
to live a healthier lifestyle, whatever that’s for you. We’ll make it unique
package for you. So at that point your body gets stronger and you feel better
and the benefit of that over time is you’re when your, when your body’s feeling
better and feeling stronger, your hormone levels change.

Just physiology. Women feel
it, not just chiropractic. If CLG, you’re actually hormones change to become
more relaxed, then that point you can tolerate the stress around you more. So
what kind of person or what do you guys offer here at this facility we offer is
chiropractic care. We do, we do physical adjustments, we use our hands, move
the body. This is my videos on social media to take the extra analysis in the
back. Digital x-rays we take, we show them right away the patient so that you
see versus normal how their body is. We’ve keep it very, very minimal. So that
point they understand at at a real basic level are they normal or not. You guys
actually have the X Ray machine here on your site so you don’t have to go
somewhere else and wait for those to get drafted over to the doctor and you
guys can exempt and make sure that you’re adjusting.

What needs to be just right.
Sometimes depending on the case, what needs to be adjusted, but also how to
adjust it. Yeah. So we want to make sure one thing x-ray is only hell’s what’s
going on, but also is it safe to treat them? It takes a risk out of actually
what’s going in a person’s body. Yeah. So that’s really big. It does works. And
then I know like the time of this shooting, we’re in a different time. Like
there’s a lot of stuff going on with this is March, 2020 we document it, right?
Yeah. So tell me a little bit about what you guys, what steps are you guys are
taking to make sure, cause you guys are still open right now, but what are we
doing to make it safer for your clients and everybody that is coming in. We’ve
done it in our office starting I think even last week too.

We had a good meeting at our
office. Okay. Do you still want to be open number one? And the answer was yes,
because we’re a health care office. We’re not a hospital. Not a sick care
office. Won’t be able to come in that are our awarenesses, someone’s schedules,
are you healthy? Are you sick? They sound sick or something’s going on. Hey,
you know what, why not stay home a couple days, cause to call. We’ll get you in
when you feel healthy. And even though they may not be contagious, the chance,
the chance of anything happening is why take that chance. Yeah, absolutely. So
our job is nature. We stagger patients too. So we have this social distancing
for one. He keep the tables and everything clean, change the filters out when
the air is not running either hot or cold, run the fans also. So all the
circulating air through.

And a lot of it is keeping
ourselves healthy too. As doctors, Dr. Weaver, and I make sure that we’re staying
healthy too, along with our staff. So overall we have a good presentation.
We’re not effecting other people. Yeah. So I appreciate you guys doing all the
extra measure because I mean I have family that that has to have this kind of
work and when you’re in pain and you can’t get treated you know, so it’s a
blessing that you guys are open. And while I was still people to beyond we
talked about earlier is how do you keep yourself healthy? Yeah. How do you keep
this healthy inside the body by doing something like ginger or coconut that has
our antiviral antiviral look at. Just look up antiviral ingredients can use.
Use your food, keep your body healthy inside so you become less proponent

Something like clinic virus. Awesome. I appreciate you having us Tony. So tell them where they can find you on social media. What did all the best places on everywhere? Look at Euclid Chiropractic. Dr Tony Cairo is our Instagram. Same, same we are active on Facebook and we’re everywhere. A lot of it is find someone if you want to see chiropractic care, find some area that takes X rays. That’s what I recommend. And once talked about your health, not just adjusting that point. Get yourself healthy so you don’t have back problems. I don’t want to see people. I’m too busy as it is. All right. Thank you. I appreciate you guys watching this episode and we’ll see you on the next show.


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