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The city’s name is an abbreviation of “North Corona”. It was named after the North Corona Land Company. Norco had its “grand opening” on Mother’s Day, May 13, 1923. It was later incorporated as a city on December 28, 1964.

As a Horse Community, there are few sidewalks in the city of Norco; instead there are horse trails and riders can ride to town and tie their horses at the many hitching rails and corrals placed close to businesses. Many horse-related associations are a part of the city, including the Norco Horsemen’s Association and the Norco Junior Horsemen’s Association. In 2006, Norco began promoting itself as “Horsetown U.S.A.” and received a federal trademark. A large cement mural with this logo and reliefs of horses can be seen on the freeway near the I-15 southbound on-ramp at 6th St. The nickname can also be found on stickers and other promotional items sold around town. Now, I say what other place this close to Los Angeles and Orange County can you ride your horse from your front door to just about anywhere in the town! In fact when we lived in Norco my wife actually took our daughter to school on our horse! Norco also boarders the Santa Ana River Bed which is a great place to ride and cool off on those hot summer days! This City truly has that small country town feel but with all the shopping and amenities you need within a short drive in all most any direction. If you want a small town feel and all the amenities of city living Norco is the place for you!

Norco also has some major employers here locally. According to the City of Norco, the major area employers are the Corona-Norco Unified School District with 5,216 employees, California Rehabilitation Center  with 1,146 employees, and  Navel Surface Warfare Center with 1,010 employees. Norco is also a short commute to more populated places like Los Angles and Orange County not to mention Downtown Riverside as well! Plenty of opportunity for employment all around!

Norco Truly is a great place to raise a family and have that ranch you’ve always wanted and not live in the middle of no where! Norco has properties that fit almost any budget from small to big and everywhere in the middle. If its your first time having horses do not fear! There are plenty of very experienced neighbors that offer great information. Stacey Turner is no exceptions. She has an amazing website that has great information whether you are just getting started or an experienced rider. She has clinics and information that fits just about everyone!

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